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Increase your customers' spending power at the checkout with zero interest installment plans

QuadPay gives your customers the opportunity to pay for their purchases over four easy installments while you get paid immediately. Sell more with zero risk.

How QuadPay Works

QuadPay’s technology platform provides shoppers with the opportunity to pay for items via four simple installments. New customers simply apply for QuadPay and are approved in under a minute. Existing QuadPay customers can make a purchase with no additional information at checkout.


Customer selects QuadPay on checkout and is approved in seconds.


Customer pays 25% of the purchase upfront and their order is shipped immediately


QuadPay pays the merchant on day one and takes on all the credit and fraud related chargeback risk.


Customer's nominated card is automatically charged every 2 weeks by QuadPay in equal installments with zero interest

Benefits For QuadPay Merchants

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Increase top line sales

QuadPay increases the conversion rate of customers, generating higher top line sales and introducing new customers.

Increase basket size and repeat purchase

QuadPay provides the opportunity for customers to spend more and shop more often.

Guaranteed up-front payment

QuadPay provides fast, seamless and up-front settlement with merchants.

No fraud or credit risk

QuadPay assumes all end-customer non-payment risk for every transaction.

QuadPay integrates seamlessly with your store

QuadPay can integrate seamlessly with your store directly via API or by using one of our platform plugins. QuadPay also provides comprehensive technical support for initial integrations and ongoing maintenance.

Supported platforms
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