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split in 4.


Reap the rewards

Customers love the flexibility of splitting their payments into 4 installments over 6 weeks.

In turn, QuadPay’s partner merchants enjoy higher AOV and conversion, more repeat purchases, and immediate payment.


Increase in conversion and topline sales


Increase in AOV


Increase in repeat customer rate


Increase in sales processed through QuadPay

QuadPay exclusive merchants

Here are just a few of our over 3,000 incredible merchant partners.

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Our buy now, pay later platform is designed to give savvy shoppers 
more freedom and flexibility.

Meet your customers online or in-store

QuadPay Checkout

Instant plug and play integration and frictionless UX. No API integration required.

  • Add the QuadPay widget to your product details page
  • No change to order management system
  • No change to refund processes
  • No change to finance and reconciliation processes

Easy front-end integration

Use a few lines of javascript code or one of our eCommerce platform plugins.

QuadPay In-Store

A seamless in-store POS solution with zero IT support required.

  • Customers pay with the QuadPay app in-store
  • If you accept Visa, you’re already capable of accepting QuadPay today
  • Just scan the QR code to process payment
  • No code changes or integrations with POS systems required

Get your retail team up to speed

Maximize in-store impact with QuadPay signage and online training for retail associates.

We’ll ship you an activation kit to promote QuadPay in-store.

Partnering with QuadPay

Make payment seamless

Online or in-store, Quadpay means more flexibility at checkout.

Take on zero risk

You get paid today. Your customers pay over time.

Put your customers first

Interest-free installment plans with no hard credit check or impact on credit.

Accept all major cards

QuadPay is the only Buy Now, Pay Later solution that accepts Amex and Discover along with Visa.

Tap in to our community

Introduce your brand to millions of existing QuadPay customers in our marketplace.

Track progress

Easily manage customer data, order management, and reconciliation in the merchant portal.

What our partners say

Thousands of brands have already joined the ranks as QuadPay exclusive merchants, and the results—well, we’ll let them speak for themselves.

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Violet Grey
violet-grey-logo 1

“We’ve been super appreciative to be kept in the loop on co-branded promotional opportunities. For key retail holidays like Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, we’ve always felt included in the conversation.”

Allen Edmonds

“QuadPay’s customer contribution model allowed us to offer a flexible payment option in a way that maximized our ROI.”

2880px-Fashion_Nova_Logo 1
Fashion Nova
2880px-Fashion_Nova_Logo 1

“QuadPay has become an integral part of Fashion Nova’s growth, and our customers absolutely love it. We’ve been blown away by the success of this partnership.”


“Once we decided to go with QuadPay, the integration was super simple and seamless. We were integrated within a day.”

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