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Conversion rate and Topline sales up more than 20%


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Up to 20% of all sales processed through QuadPay


Increased repeat customer rate up to 80%

Partner Benefits

Product Detail Page

Add the QuadPay widget to your product detail page

eCommerce Checkout

Add QuadPay to your eCommerce checkout as a payment option

Increase Sales

Increase online sales by 20%, increase QuadPay sales by up to 100x

QuadPay Community

Have your brand introduced to millions of existing QuadPay customers

Activation Kit

Have stores? We’ll ship you an in store activation kit to promote QuadPay in store

Merchant Portal

QuadPay Merchant Portal customer data, order management, reconciliations etc

Integrate QuadPay in a few lines of front-end code. No API integration required.

Add QuadPay to your website today

Increase your customers spending power at the checkout with zero interest installment plans.

  • No changes to order management systems.
  • No changes to refund processes.
  • No changes to finance and reconciliation processes.

Integrate in a few lines of code

Whether you process $1m or $1bn in sales, you can add QuadPay to your website in a few lines of javascript code or via one of our eCommerce platform plugins.


The only omni-channel installment platform.

Enable customers the same interest free payment experience online and in-store with QuadPay.


Accept QuadPay in-store at 5 or 5,000 locations today. No IT required.

If you accept Visa, you already accept QuadPay so you don’t need to make any code changes or integrations to any of your Point of Sale or technology systems.

Promote QuadPay in-store

Promote QuadPay in-store, at the point of sale, in your change rooms and on your shelves. Our retail promotion kit includes all the tools you need to get started.

Explore our success stories

QuadPay is loved by leading brands everywhere. Make your business accessible to more customers with QuadPay.


“We launched QuadPay across Deckers Brands sites including Ugg, Teva, Hoka One One and Sanuk. Within 24 hours of launch QuadPay increased average order value by 30%.”


“Within 48 hours of launch, 20% off our website sales were going through QuadPay, most of those being net new incremental customers.“

“QuadPay has proven to be a very popular payment option with our customers. For a large number of our customers, is the difference between making or delaying a purchase.“

Thousands of brands trust and love QuadPay

QuadPay is loved by leading brands everywhere. Make your business accessible to more customers with QuadPay.

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