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Supermarket Sweep, Quadpay Style: How to Pay Later at the Grocery Store

By Nicole Bustamante

This year has brought a lot of changes to our day-to-day life. Take grocery shopping, for example: what used to be a mundane task has suddenly become the highlight of our week (even if it doesn’t involve Leslie Jones and a game show reward of $100,000).


If you’re not braving the in-person trek, then you’ve most likely opted for door-to-door service with delivery apps like Instacart or FreshDirect. Either way, we’ve got some exciting news for you (if you haven’t already heard): you can use Quadpay to split your grocery bill in 4, however you shop.


We’ve got all the steps laid out for you below—but first, here’s a refresher on how buy now, pay later works for everyday purchases.


The BNPL Breakdown


It’s all in the name. With buy now, pay later, you get your purchase immediately and pay it off over six weeks. Pretty simple! Smart consumers are increasingly turning to BNPL as an alternative to credit that helps them manage their spending responsibly.


Here’s an example of how this looks in action: you make a $200 purchase, then pay for it in four installments of $50 over a period of six weeks. There is no interest (just a $1 fee per installment), and we don’t require a hard credit check to use our service. In addition to the transparency of this payment option, using Quadpay can also help you build healthy financial habits and avoid credit card debt in the long term.


Now that you have the basics down, here’s what you need to know about grocery shopping with Quadpay.


The Grocery Cart Shuffle: Checking Out In-Store


So you’ve made it to the finish line of your grocery store shuffle. Whether you’re at self-checkout or face-to-face with the cashier (socializing? exciting!), here’s how to bag it up seamlessly.


In Store flow

1. Once your groceries have been totaled up, open the Quadpay app and select the “In Store” option at the top of the home page.


2. Enter the amount of your groceries + taxes and fees, then click “Continue.”


3. Review your installment plan, then click continue to create a Quadpay virtual card.


4. Pay with your virtual card by either sharing the information with the cashier manually or using the “Pay with Apple Pay” (on an iPhone) or “Pay with Google Pay” (on an Android) option, if available at the register. Hold the phone above the reader with your Quadpay card open to complete your purchase.


5. Get those groceries home and enjoy your full refrigerator!


The Digital Hustle: Checking Out Online


If you’re grocery shopping from the comfort of your couch, 1) we’re jealous and 2) what sweatsuit are you wearing today? 


Real talk though, using Quadpay to grab your groceries online couldn’t be simpler. Here’s how to do it.


Online Group

1. Open the Quadpay app on your phone and search for the grocery delivery service you’d like to use.


2. Shop as you would normally, selecting your grocery store of choice and adding your desired items to your cart. 


3. When you’ve finished scouring the virtual aisles, tap “Pay With Quadpay” at the bottom of your screen (you can’t miss it). Enter the amount you plan on spending, including taxes and service fees, then tap “Continue.”


4. Review your installment plan, then click continue to create a Quadpay virtual card. Enter the virtual card information as a new payment method and check out. 


5. Kick your feet up and wait for your grocery haul to show up at your door.


A few additional pro tips to help you out along the way: 


  • Don’t stress if you enter an amount slightly larger than what you actually spend. We’ll adjust your order within our standard refund timeframe (13 days).
  • For each future purchase, you will need to generate a new Quadpay virtual card by following the steps outlined above. The unique virtual card generated for this transaction can not be used more than once.

You may not be in the running for $100,000, but you will be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that you have a well-stocked kitchen and you’ve got your budget under control. 


If you haven’t made the switch over to Quadpay, take this as your sign to download the Quadpay app and start splitting your payments in 4 anywhere you shop.

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Quadpay’s editorial content is not written by a financial advisor. It’s intended for informational purposes and should not be considered legal or financial advice. Consult a professional to learn what financial products are right for you.

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Nicole Bustamante

Nicole Bustamante is a writer and journalist passionate about storytelling and the art of fashion. She has written for The Zoe Report, Angeleno Magazine, Modern Luxury Interiors California, and more in addition to writing for her personal blog.