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Gifting on a budget doesn’t have to be a struggle. Whether you’re shopping for Secret Santa, a white elephant exchange, or simply want to score the perfect present without shelling out the big bucks, we’ve got your back. These 16 affordable yet classy options from our favorite retailers are bound to impress even your most high-maintenance friends.

D.S. & Durga Hand Sanitizer

Feel the rain on your skin, just like The Hills theme song promised.

$30.00 or 4 interest-free payments on orders over $50.00

Dieux Forever Eye Mask

Reusable sheet masks — the future is here, and it looks refreshed.

$25.00 split into 4 payments of $6.25

Jambys Lounge Shorts

The comfort of an old pair of boxers, but acceptable to wear in public. 

$35.00 split into 4 payments of $8.75

Bala Bangles

Pumping iron has never been so chic.

$49.00 split into 4 payments of $12.25

24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

Because it’s always time to spill the tea.

$32.00 split into 4 payments of $8.00

Lululemon Now and Always Pouch

The perfect clutch for a brisk jog and a boozy brunch. 

$48.00 split into 4 payments of $12.00

Le Dew Mini Humidifier

Now you have no excuse to sleep on your skincare routine.

$38.00 split into 4 payments of $9.50

Rowing Blazers Tennis Anyone? Hat

A cheeky accessory that’s just as cool as having a killer serve.

$48.00 split into 4 payments of $12.00

Loquet Birthstone Charm

A customized birthstone charm for the Gemini, Taurus, or Leo in your life. 

$45.00 split into 4 payments of $11.25

CottonOn Coca Cola Cushion

A novelty pillow worthy of that Diet Coke drinker you know and love.

$22.49 split into 4 payments of $5.62

Brother Vellies Cloud Sock

Swoon-worthy socks to live in. It was love at foot sight. 

$35.00 split into 4 payments of $8.75

Venus Et Fleur Lé Mini

Give the gift of blooms that won’t wilt, but will upgrade any shelfie.

$48.00 split into 4 payments of $12.00

Le Labo Hinoki Hand Soap

The Birkin bag of hand soap — enough said.

$40.00 split into 4 payments of $10.00

Minnetonka Dina Slippers

Feet need to get in on the fuzzy fleece trend too, you know.

$40.00 split into 4 payments of $10.00

Glamnetic Compact Mirror

This LED compact shines bright. Touch-ups just got so much more legit.

$17.99  or 4 interest-free payments on orders over $35

Everlane Tie-Dye Face Masks

Comfy cotton masks in a tie-dye print that Angelina Jolie swears by. 

$25.00  or 4 interest-free payments on orders over $35

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