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Let’s face it, technology makes our lives 10 times easier. And when it comes to the holidays, you can’t go wrong with gifting a new gadget. The 17 items we’ve rounded up are sure to please even the least tech-savvy family members and friends on your list.

HomeCraft Bread Maker

Banana bread not included.

$89.99 split into 4 payments of $22.50

Bumpboxx Ultra Bluetooth Boombox

Perfect for channeling their inner John Cusack.

$199.00 split into 4 payments of $49.75

Sony DualSense Wireless Controller

Game on the go.

$69.99 split into 4 payments of $17.50

TOPVISION Mini Projector

They can watch all their favorite shows from new heights.

$89.99 split into 4 payments of $22.50

Apple Watch SE

Now they can finally put that phone down.

$279.00 split into 4 payments of $69.75

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

A real-life “do not disturb” sign.

$199.95 split into 4 payments of $49.99

Nintendo Switch

Loading Animal Crossing.

$199.95 split into 4 payments of $50.00

Bose Frames Alto Audio Sunglasses

Play the soundtrack to your life anywhere you go.

$169.95 split into 4 payments of $42.49

Sonos One Smart Speaker

Are you smarter than a Sonos Speaker?

$199.00 split into 4 payments of $49.75

Fitbit Aria Air Scale

This scale is more than just a number. 

$49.95 split into 4 payments of $12.49

V7 Absolute Vacuum

Dust destroyer.

$249.99 split into 4 payments of $62.50

Moleskine Smart Pen and Ellipse

Never lose a note again.

$129.00 split into 4 payments of $32.25

Lexon Oblio Charging Station and Sanitizer

Super squeaky clean.

$79.90 split into 4 payments of $19.98

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

For a guaranteed green thumb.

$99.95 split into 4 payments of $24.99

Tile Midnight Luxe Performance Pack

They’ll never have to say “where are my keys?” again.

$62.99 split into 4 payments of $15.75

Whistle GO Health + Location Tracker for Pets

Man’s second best friend. 

$99.95 split into 4 payments of $24.99

Driver Drink Dispenser

Golf has never been so fun.

$59.99 split into 4 payments of $15.00

Everything we feature here has been hand-selected by our editorial team. When you purchase an item linked in our shopping guides, we may earn a small commission.