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Any store
split in 4.


Unlimited Possibilities

Where can you use the QuadPay app? Anywhere.

Use QuadPay anywhere where Visa is accepted


Buy from anywhere in 3 simple steps

Install the app, link your payment card and start shopping. It’s that easy.

Search for a store or website
QuadPay Step 1
Look up the store you would like to transact at or enter a website address.
Enter your purchase amount
QuadPay Step 2
Enter the amount of your purchase including taxes and shipping.
Swipe, dip or tap to pay anywhere
QuadPay Step 3
Swipe, dip or tap your QuadPay Visa card at any store, or use it online to complete your purchase.

Pay with QuadPay on any website

Enter the website address of any website to start shopping with QuadPay in the app.


Use the QuadPay Visa Card number displayed in the app when you check out and your order will be split in 4.

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QuadPay App Layer

Check out in-store, or online using Apple Pay

Use your phone to quickly check out and pay for your purchase.


Swipe or dip with a QuadPay Visa card

QuadPay physical Visa cards enable you to pay in 4 installments wherever Visa is accepted.

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